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Battery Storage Solutions from JTD Group. You’ve made the leap and taken charge of managing your own energy supply. But why stop there? You can enjoy even more cost savings using a solar battery storage system to capture any surplus electricity that is generated by your PV system. Any time that you need more energy than your panels are generating, the stored power can be released from your battery to provide the energy you need. Giving you even more control and further money saved.

Solar Panels

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Whether it's a new solar PV system or an existing one, our experienced solar engineers can advise you on the right battery for your system, the right size for your energy requirements and the best fit for your budget.

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Solar Panels

Reduce energy bills

Its unlikely that most houses will be able to make use of all the electricity that a solar PV system can generate. What doesn’t get used goes in to the national grid and is lost for ever. Large amounts of solar energy may be exported in this way. Solar panel owners then have to buy energy back from the grid to power their energy-hungry homes when the sun goes down. And energy imported from the grid tends to be a higher price than a home owner is paid for their exported energy. With battery storage systems, any surplus solar electricity is captured and stored for when you need it.

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Extra benefits from battery storage solutions

There are clear benefits for businesses to use battery storage as a cost cutting tool. Stored energy can be purchased at off-peak times to power the business during the day. Battery power can be used to power the business when tariffs are at their highest, reducing energy costs. Set up as an interruptible power supply, the system can back up and shut down critical systems in the event of loss of power avoiding costly losses.