As smart home installation specialists we provide high quality but affordable home automation technology. Our cutting edge smart systems for lighting, room climate and multi-room audio designed by market leaders Loxone offer the very best in effortless luxury lifestyle automation for the home environment.


Every project that we undertake is unique and the systems that we design and install are bespoke based upon an in depth analysis of the specific needs of a home. Our specialism is designing smart solutions incorporating advanced technology for new build houses and luxury renovations. We aim to ensure that we are never beaten on price whilst offering the same high standards of workmanship and service on every project.
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Our Loxone home automation systems give effortless control of home surroundings and power useage too. Smart heating control for each room saves on energy with appropriate climate control creating the perfect welcome and every day environment. Lighting controls give the opportunity to be as creative or directive as the mood takes meaning there is complimentary lighting for all occasions. We can also incorporate curtain and blind control. In addition lighting can be set to activate in line with the security system, intimating home occupancy, and automatically at nightfall. Multi room audio systems provide entertainment for every room of a home from one central system which allows multiple rooms to enjoy the same audio of choice or alternatively to stream independently or even remotely. All with the same flawless quality of reception and pleasing aesthetics that support luxury lifestyles at affordable prices.
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Our flexible designs optimise energy efficiency by controlling where and when energy, be it renewable or from the grid, is directed. This ensures maximum benefit is derived when cheaper power or higher renewable energy outputs are available. We can distribute renewable energy systems intelligently to prioritise key functions such as heating water and air conditioning systems. The end result is that home owners will enjoy saving time, energy and money and if they want to check, they can monitor their energy useage in real time aswell.

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Founded in 2009 Loxone revolutionised the smart home industry with the now world-renowned green Loxone Miniserver. The flexibility, features and quality it offers have made Loxone the market leader in this segment. We choose to partner with Loxone because of the all-round impressive quality and value for money house automation solution they offer. Allowing us to offer an affordable smart home installation cost using reliable, cutting edge technology.

Depending on the version, the Miniserver includes the necessary core technologies to integrate numerous sensors and actuators into any home automation project. For additional interfaces, be that the integration of a ventilation system or simply controlling a relay, Loxone’s Extensions further enhance the functionality of the already impressive Miniserver to create an unparalleled ecosystem. This makes Loxone infinitely flexible as they have the right Extension for almost any system that we design.
We have found no equal to the scalable, versatile and future-ready technology that Loxone offer.


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