At the design stage we advise on options and make recommendations to create a unique plan that is bespoke to the home and its owners, requirements and budget.


Your dedicated JTD project manager is then responsible for overseeing all aspects of the plan and ensuring delivery of our home automation installation is on time, on budget and on point. They will manage communication with professionals and other contractors on site to meet the contract agreement, the wiring and the build schedules and be the first point of call for questions, updates and discussions regarding any variations.


Our qualified team of electricians will carry out high quality cabling which is verified against plans prior to cutting edge Loxone automation systems finally being installed, configured, programmed and tested by our experienced engineers.


The project manager will report back on completion against all the elements of the project, hand over manuals and demonstrate how to use the system. This includes all the features that offer automation possibilities and we also explain use of the intuitive complementary App. Whether its controlling the lighting and setting a heating schedule, to checking the state of the burglar alarm or controlling the multiroom audio you will be left confidently in control using either your smartphone on-the-go or an iPad permanently mounted in a thoroughfare – you’ll have all the control in a single app.

Working with
jtd solar

Previous clients have highly valued our premium service in bringing them effortless luxury lifestyle living.


An impressive lighting design that has been correctly implemented will allow you to effortlessly change the look and feel of a room. The ease of operating the lighting should be as impressive as the lighting itself. A Real Smart Home intelligently delivers the right amount of light in every room – taking into consideration the likes of motion, time of day, current natural light levels and more.

In short, Smart Homelighting control systems know what lighting you need, when you need it. If you would like to take control and change the lighting mood for any reason, then a simple tap on the switch is all you need. We can commission lighting moods relevant to your combination of lighting sources, the room and how the room is used. If you would like to, you can create additional lighting moods directly from within the Smart Home App.


Dimming and gentle transitions between lighting moods go easy on the eyes and transform the feel of rooms at a touch. Lighting can also gradually fade-in just before your chosen wake-up time to replace an alarm and dimmed coloured lights during the night guide the way to the bathroom without blinding you.


Whether it be ceiling lights, pendants, indirect lighting or pendants all of Loxone’s LED lights are designed to be extremely energy efficient. Whatever your choice of light, from LED to halogens intelligent control offers many energy saving features. Automated and manual settings give you the assurance of knowing when and how your energy is being used.


Flashing lights can be used as alerts to various scenarios from fire to a doorbell ring. Lighting can also simulate home occupation to deter intruders whilst owners are away. Child locks temporarily disable switches if necessary whilst lighting remains controllable from the app.

Loxone Smart Light Features Offer Endless Flexibility


Different rooms have different purposes and therefore shouldn’t always be the same temperature. Our systems provide complete control of heating and air conditioning in every room making for effortless luxury living whilst reducing energy costs and maximising energy efficiency.

Whether it’s underfloor heating, infrared panels or traditional radiators – gas, oil or a heat pump. Our smart heating system will work regardless of the heating source; ensuring that each room is always the perfect temperature. Truly flexible systems that put you in control of your home.



Loxone’s system calculates your exact heating demand and knows at which times you are in or out. With this information it will ensure each room is always at the perfect temperature. You can set pre-defined protection temperatures. If the temperature falls above or below these then your system will automatically react to ensure no damage is done to the building. As the system records its overall usage, you’ll be notified of any maintenance on your heating or air conditioning systems that’s due.


Whenever possible Loxone systems will try to use ‘free’ methods of climate control – heating a room using the sun for example. This will help you save up to 12.5% on your annual energy bill. If no one is in, Economy Mode will be activated – here the temperatures are controlled as cost-effectively as possible within a pre-defined range in an attempt to avoid wasting money.


You can view and change your temperatures at any time, even while you’re on the go. If you’re going to arrive later than planned simply adjust the heating to come on slightly later. If something goes wrong, you’ll be notified immediately. This gives you a chance to react quickly and prevent any significant issues. You can record and analyse all of your temperature data over any period of time – which you could use as an insight to help you save money.


Our multiroom audio system gives you great music. However it also gives you a wide range of extra functionality. The music server is the first multiroom audio system to be specifically designed for use in a smart home. Storing up to 250,000 songs it is available for 4,8,12,16 or 20 zones.
The elegant speakers have a choice of back box to suit different types of construction if required and can be installed in a variety of situations inside or outside all providing powerful sound quality.
The system’s built in wireless technology and remote control means you’ll have all of your infrared devices effortlessly under control from the TV and AV equipment to the air conditioning!
Creating the perfect atmosphere – whatever the occasion.


Fully Integrated. Intelligent Audio Automation
With the Loxone Audioserver, music can be synchronised across rooms or played in each room individually. When you enter a room, you’ll be welcomed by your favourite music or radio station. Entertainment devices can be combined in harmony with the rest of your multiroom audio system. You can stream music from your AirPlay-enabled devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac) directly to the Loxone multiroom audio system. Meanwhile a double-tap on our Touch switches will deactivate the music in any given room, a triple-tap will deactivate any music you may have playing in any area.


If someone rings the doorbell, the sound will be played throughout the home. If the children are in bed, a smart home will take this into account and exclude their room from any notifications. Should an alarm be triggered you’ll be instantly informed as the Loxone Music Server will play an alarm tone in all relevant rooms or areas. giving you as much time as possible to react. You can set pre-defined messages that can be read out to you in certain circumstances. For example, you could be told if you’ve left any windows open before you leave. Try waking up to music. Just set your wake-up time and music will start fading in to gently bring you out of your slumber.