Rural energy efficiencies & back-up



A rural home that was prone to suffering power cuts 


Young environmentally conscious family with 3 children 

Panel model:

16 x JA Solar 300W 

Inverter model:

Solis Hybrid 

System size:

4.8 kW 

Yearly output:

4200 kWh 

Yearly CO2 savings:

1932 kg 

Length of project

1 day 

Our client was recommended to us when they were looking for a solar solution for their energy management. They were keen to reduce their energy consumption from the grid and also wanted  to install battery storage for resilience against power cuts.  

We supplied and installed Pylon 10 kWh battery systemsThe Solace Hybrid inverter fitted their needs exactly as it is an intelligent system that can convert power into useable energy as needed or store it for use later. JTD also fitted, as an additional feature,  a back up distributor board so that in a power cut the client can simply flick a switch and the battery will provide electricity for lighting, heating and sockets.  This meant that the client had a robust system in place to manage their energy at all times of the day or night.  

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