Energy efficient family





Solar energy system to increase electrical energy self sufficiency


Family of 4

Panel Model:

JA Solar 385W

Inverter Model:

Solar Edge 4600

System Size:


Yearly Output:


Yearly CO2 Savings:


Length of Project:

1 day

This young family are committed to living a lower carbon lifestyle and making their own efforts to tackle climate change count. The family of 4 are continuously looking for new ways in which they can shrink their carbon footprint aswell as making financial savings and they approached JTD Group looking for an energy solution that would give them control of their own power supply.

The SolarEdge system that JTD installed was future proofed to allow a battery system to be bolted on in the future via a monitoring system to measure how much PV energy has been exported to the grid. It offers an export limitation option which dynamically adjusts PV power production,  allowing the family to use more energy for self-consumption when the loads are high, while maintaining the export limit also when the loads are low. The family also appreciated the increased control the system gave them with the mobile app  allowing them to track real-time system production and household energy consumption.

The decision to award this work to JTD was based on 3 factors – the great reviews from previous customers, their competitive quote and the breadth of options that were proposed to fit their requirement. The end result is exactly what the family were hoping for – another step toward replacing their use of fossil fuels with renewable and cleaner sources of energy, all while increasing their  energy efficiency. They can now take control of their electricity bills and increasingly maximise usage of their own supply of power.


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