EV charger retrofit



Future proofing for purchase of electric vehicle in the future


Forward-thinking customer

Type of charger:

Project EV 7kW

Solar included:

Previously installed by JTD

Length of project:

Half a day

The client had previously come to us for a solar pV installation and asked us to add on a charge point for an electric vehicle that they would be buying in the future. They were keen to make sure that they would be able to use solar power to charge the vehicle.  

At survey stage we discussed the advantages of putting in a trench and cable to the garage for future ease of access. The charger was mounted on the wall in the garage and also set up to ensure atleast 25% of pV energy  generated could be used to charge the car. The client was very pleased that they were going to be able to further extend cost savings from their own power generation in the future.  

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