12 Homes Solar Installation for Burrington Estates





Design, installation and commissioning of 12 new build homes 


Burrington Estates 

Panel model site-wide:

180xJA Solar 300W 

Inverter model:


System size site-wide:

43,160 kW 

Yearly output site-wide:

38,500 kWh 

Yearly CO2 savings site-wide:

21,524 kg 

Length of project

2 years 

Our client particularly rates  JTD’s ability to deliver on sites all over the South West of England and this solar project took one of our team’s down to the south coast of Devon over a period of two years. Interpreting the planning requirements regarding the amount of pV they needed to install and taking into account the nature of the site and elevations, we were able to design and deliver a highly cost effective solution for 12 new builds that generated the required kWh output for the client.  

These are high specification new homes with energy efficiency being a trade mark of Burrington Estates and they were delighted with the quality, reliability and cost efficiencies  offered by JTD.  


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