Residents in Almondsbury, North Bristol Switch to Renewable Energy Sources



Almondsbury, Bristol


Residents Switch to Renewables



System Size

50 kWh Storage


17,000 kWh


This Almondsbury, North Bristol street has undergone a massive transformation, working with JTD Group. We have now installed five Solar and Storage installations on this road overlooking the River Severn. 

The Solution

All residents in this community have taken the bold step towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future by opting for the SolarEdge system with a 10kWh SolarEdge battery with immersion control to heat their hot water via electricity once the battery from Solar Photovoltaic Energy.

Environmental Progress

By taking the step to install Solar PV with a battery, these residents have taken a giant leap towards reducing their reliance on oil, and have paved the way for future energy enhancements. Some forward thinking residents have already continued their green energy transformation and transitioned to an Air Source heat pump or Electric Boiler, and has allowed them to fully take control of their energy demand from natural resources by harnessing what is abundantly available.

Key Outcomes 


  • Energy Independence 

Adopting Solar and Storage options significantly reduces the dependence on traditional non-renewable energy resources, giving residents greater control over their power consumption. 


  • Sustainable Living 

Embracing solar technology aligns perfectly with their commitment to sustainability, helping reduce carbon footprints and environmental impact. 


  • Cost Efficiency 

With surplus solar energy powering water heating, and general domestic energy consumption, residents are experiencing reduced utility bills and an overall improvement in cost efficiency. 


  • Future Ready 

Residents are ready to transition to Air Source heat pumps or Electric Boilers, which is a forward thinking move that sets the stage for even more eco-conscious living. 


In this corner of North Bristol, the commitment to sustainable living is not just a concept but a daily reality. With solar and storage solutions, residents are not only reducing their environmental footprint but also future-proofing their homes. JTD Group is proud to be a part of this community’s journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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