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Retrofit Solar and Battery



System Size:


Yearly Storage:


Our Bristol based client had an existing SolarEdge solar installation without any battery storage and were eager to expand their solar capacity while incorporating storage solutions for optimal energy utilisation. 


The client had three main goals: 

  • Increase solar capacity to maximise energy production. 
  • Integrate battery storage to store surplus energy for later use. 
  • Achieve greater energy independence and cost savings.  


The Solution: 


JTD Group is a trusted expert in solar solutions, so this is how we addressed this client’s needs:


  • Survey and Assessment 

We conducted a comprehensive survey of the client’s existing solar installation to evaluate its capacity and potential for expansion. This initial assessment formed the foundation for our project plan. 


  • Solar Panel Expansion 

To harness additional solar energy capacity, we designed and installed an extra 3.8kWp of Solar PV. This expansion would significantly increase the client’s ability to generate clean and renewable solar energy. 


  • Battery Storage Integration 

Recognising the importance of energy storage, the client opted to install not one but two SolarEdge 10kWh Batteries. This decision provided a combined total of 20kWh of usable PV power, ensuring a consistent energy supply whether it’s morning, day or night. 


Benefits Achieved


  • Maximised Solar Capacity 

The addition of 3.8kWp of Solar PV allowed the client to harness more solar energy, increasing overall energy production. 


  • Energy Independence 

With 20 kWh of storage capacity, the client gained the ability to store surplus solar energy during the day for use during the evenings or cloudy days, reducing reliance on the grid. 


  • Cost Savings 

By relying on stored solar energy, the client significantly reduced their electricity bills, resulting in long-term cost savings. 


  • Environmental Impact 

The increased solar capacity and efficient energy utilisation contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, supporting sustainability goals. 


  • Reliable Power Supply 

With battery storage, the client ensured a consistent power supply, even during grid outages or low-sunlight periods. 



By expanding the client’s solar capacity and integrating SolarEdge battery storage solutions, the JTD Group helped them achieve their goals of maximising solar energy utilisation, reducing costs, and enhancing energy independence. This retrofit showcases the positive impact of solar expansion and storage integration in achieving sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.

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