Smart technology for 3 luxury homes



Frome, Somerset


Smart technology for 3 luxury homes


Private property developer based in Somerset 

System description

Loxone Smart System to include lighting, heating and electronic blinds 

Length of project:

18 months 

The client wanted a Smart System where each room could be controlled separately to create a different mood. They were looking for an intelligent system that could self regulate or be manually controlled as required. Luxury and functionality were both important.  

JTD designed a system that was structured around auto pilot living in the home. Each room has an individual touch switch controlling both lighting and heating and electronic blinds. The smart system was able to control all 36 lighting circuits, 3 under floor heating manifolds, 24 zones, intercom and security 

The electronic actuators learn the heating curve of a room and,  twinned with the Loxone sensor, it regulates itself to ensure each room is at the perfect temperature in line with the owners’ heating schedule and cools down when they are not present. 

The property has operating modes for lighting. From morning to sunset lights will activate in everyday mode and a relaxing lighting mode was set up consisting of controllable dimmed spots and wall lights  

The completed project totally complimented and further added to the high spec of the homes, fully meeting the client brief.  

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