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Inverters are a critical component of a solar panel system. Its main function is to take the direct current (DC) electricity generated from solar panels and convert it into alternating current (AC) electricity, which can then be used to power the home or commercial building, or be fed back into the grid. 


However, what sets SolarEdge HomeHub Inverters apart from your average inverter is that they come with a range of intelligent features that allow you to make greater use of your solar energy. 


Although there is a huge range of intelligent features, the standout has to be their optimised power production. Traditional solar inverters connect all panels in a string, which results in a power system dependent on its lowest performing panel. SolarEdge’s power optimisers are integrated into their inverters and allow each panel to operate independently. Therefore, in the event of dust or shade on one panel, the performance of the other panels isn’t compromised and you can experience significantly higher energy yields.


Empowering Sustainability and Energy Resilience with SolarEdge

In the picturesque town of Warminster resides a family who shared a vision with us at JTD Group, and that is the vision of increased sustainability and energy independence within the home. While they were looking to harness the abundant power of the sun through solar PV, they also sought a reliable solution that could keep their home powered during grid outages. In pursuit of these energy goals, they engaged with the team at JTD Group, a trusted partner in solar energy solutions committed to green, affordable energy through workmanship, integrity and great service. 


The Challenge 

JTD Group was asked to install a solar energy system that could efficiently generate and store electricity while providing seamless backup power during grid interruptions. The client already had a strong understanding of the SolarEdge system and its capabilities, making it essential for us to provide a solution that met their specific requirements. 


The Solution

Following on from careful assessment and a consultation with the client, we recommended a 10 kWh DC Coupled Battery system with SolarEdge technology. This choice not only allowed for efficient energy storage but also integrated a home backup feature that aligns with SolarEdge’s commitment to resilient energy solutions.


Installation and Timeline

The installation process was swift, smooth and completed within 3 days. Our team ensured the system was seamlessly integrated into the client’s home, taking into account their unique energy needs and lifestyle. Following the installation, the clients expressed their satisfaction by leaving us a stellar 5-star review, which we greatly appreciated.


The Added Advantage: SolarEdge Gateway

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing our clients’ energy experiences, the system is  SolarEdge Gateway ready. This additional feature will provide them with the capability to operate off-grid when desired, giving them even greater control over their energy usage and independence.


Results and Benefits

With the SolarEdge DC Coupled Battery system, our clients are now generating, storing, and utilising their solar energy efficiently. They have already begun to see a significant reduction in their reliance on grid electricity, which translates into both environmental benefits and cost savings, and overall grid stability. 


Moreover, the added feature of home backup ensures that their household remains powered during unforeseen grid outages, providing peace of mind and security for their family.



Installations such as this exemplify our commitment to tailoring sustainable and resilient solar energy solutions to meet the unique needs and expectations of our clients. The SolarEdge system, coupled with our expertise, has empowered this family in Warminster to embrace a more sustainable and energy-independent future.


For more information on how SolarEdge systems can enhance your energy journey, please visit SolarEdge’s website.


At JTD Group, we stand ready to assist you in your quest for a greener, more resilient energy future. Contact us today to explore how we can tailor a solution for your specific requirements

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