Solar energy Export Guarantee





Solar pV system for home workers


Young Family

Panel model:

12 x LG 300W with 25 year product warranty

Inverter model:


System size:


Yearly output:

3800 kWh 

Yearly CO2 savings:

1748 kg 

Length of project

1 day 

Our clients were a forward thinking young family looking to reduce their energy consumption. One member of the family worked from home so they were keen to make the most of solar energy with a view to installing batteries as a next step. SolarEdge met their needs perfectly by maximising their energy production and rooftop utilisation whilst giving them easy access to monitoring and advanced safety features. The family were also delighted with the additional features of a solar iBoost using surplus energy to heat hot water and a Smart Export Guarantee that will pay them for any spare energy they then put into the grid. JTD delivered the brief to the full and went a step further to recommend add-ons that gave the family excellent control of their energy use.  

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