Harnessing The
Suns Energy
To Power
Your Home

Taking control of your own energy supply is liberating. But knowing where to start can be daunting.

Every day our teams of approved solar installers work with clients in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Taunton and the South West installing solar energy systems in home settings.

We can help and advise you with energy generation in your own home, energy storage to reduce your reliance on the grid and energy management that will reduce monthly energy bills and see a return on your solar investment. We also install batteries for storage and Electric Vehicle chargers either as part of a new system or as stand alone installs.

We set out to listen to what you want, give impartial advice, clarify your options, make it happen smoothly and leave you confidently in charge of your own energy supply .

Is Solar Energy Right for Your Home?

Find out with a comprehensive free survey and quotation tailored to your needs, it will include:


The roof of your house will receive a full structural survey. The roof’s age, its loadbearing ability, any insecure aspects, the roof pitch angles and wind uplift are all factors that are taken into consideration by our expert solar installation surveyors. Over 50% of roofs need some sort of minor strengthening.


Shade is the enemy of solar energy systems but we can mitigate its impact by carrying out detailed shade analysis on the surrounding environment and amending the system specification accordingly

Solar panel system specification

Including recommended system make; solar panel rating, number of panels, system size and area,



Our impartiality means we will always recommend the best value system for your particular needs but if there are other systems or features likely to be of interest we will advise you of them. You’re our customer and we want you to be completely satisfied with your system.

Pricing breakdown and total cost

This includes clear, accurate information on potential break-even timeframe, likely returns that you can expect and the impact on your electricity bills.

There is no obligation or pressure to buy so get in touch to find out if solar could work for you.




Our installation will be carried out by a fully trained and very experienced team. Over 96% of our customers give us a 5 star rating. Don’t take out word for it, let us put you in touch with a previous customer.
We don’t subcontract installations. We take full responsibly for all aspects of your installation:
– Insurance backed warranty
– Answering customer queries promptly
– Full out of hours support and aftercare


You can be assured that your solar installation investment will benefit from high quality products, tried and tested materials with substantial warranty periods and excellent workmanship. Recognising that every home is different and that every customer will have different needs we will attend to every detail sympathetically and guarantee that your installation
will be both quick and hassle free leaving you feeling confident and empowered.


From the initial consultation, throughout installation and as part of our aftersales care and support service, our reliable, fully qualified teams of solar energy specialists and engineers ensure your system is fitted and commissioned with the minimum fuss and disruption. In fact all of our PV Energy solar panel systems can be fitted in as little as a single day with no mess, minimal disturbance and little re-wiring.


JTD Solar prides itself on offering superb value for money having over 10 years solar energy experience, a leading team of professionals and highly qualified service advisors, all with in depth knowledge of home solar PV energy installations.

Working with
jtd solar

Our reputation for delivering a premium service from start to finish is one we take great pride in. Many years of working with businesses across all sectors means that we are keenly aware of the service features that you most value.



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