The changes to Building Regulations regarding new build homes ventilation installation reinforce the critical requirement for subcontractors to be trained competent installers of such systems. Regulations focus on managing air flow plus efficiency and noise levels. Sign off procedures and paperwork along with post-installation performance checks are critical in order to meet the requirement, particularly in view of the increasing uptake of highly efficient systems such as Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR).

Meeting New Build Ventilation Requirements


Certified by NICEIC, our experienced engineers design and install system 1, system 3 (MEV) and system 4 (MVHR) ventilation systems as per developer specifications. Each new installation is inspected, commissioned, tested and signed off to ensure their effective and efficient operation compliant with regulations and other planning requirements such as noise or air quality. We are experts in balancing and commissioning MVHR systems. Our experienced engineers ensure all procedures and paperwork conform to regulatory requirements, along with annual inspections aswell, keeping build programmes on schedule and new homes adequately ventilated whilst energy efficient.



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